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Simple and powerful text automation on the Mac


handpick the first two

Screenshot of TextPicker, where 2 small parts of markdown text have been marked in dark green.


finds the rest

Screenshot of TextPicker, where the application has marked in light green other parts of the text that are similar to the ones marked in the previous screenshot.
The standard icon for playing video.

See it in action

Copy text automatically

If you want to copy out specific information from text files, you have several options:

  • Copy out everything manually tedious
  • Find software that supports the file format, and can export to the format you need time-consuming potentially-costly
  • Use the command line complicated
  • If you're a developer: create a script or use regular expressions complicated time-consuming


  • Use TextPicker quicksimple

Possible future features

An icon of a robot


When TextPicker has discovered a pattern, it can be used as a stand-alone Mac application, from the command line, in an Automator workflow, as a macOS service or a web API.

An icon of '</>'


Export a code snippet to use in your own Swift code.

Or automatically generate regular expressions (regex).

An icon with a curved arrow pointing from lower left corner to upper right


Extract different types of data from the same text, and export as JSON, XML, CSV, spreadsheet or your own custom format.

An icon of a 'T'


Teach TextPicker how to change the text; remove and add text, capitalise / uppercase / lowercase and put the altered text back in the original document.